September 24, 2012

Unique Table Design from British Designer

Surely all understand the design comes from British designer John Reeves, a collection of home interior design and all the wonderful impression, good on the eye as well as unique.
The house is a place that is in need for every person, in addition to complement the home should be a fundamental part accesoris like furniture table must match the table design is also equipped with the other hand on the table.

Several pieces of precious stones and beautifully complement the table creation, it is very classy and has a high value when in comparison with other designs.

There is also a rule that no two colors are combined into one unique design table of British Designer.
pieces table legs can also be separated or unplug it so lightly in the placement and do not use a large room, there are also pieces of discarded carved and designed to get results that match that is expected.
the unique thing is a piece of the table legs with a concept and an architecture that is very interesting, this is a breakthrough home interior design for home furniture.

source image: contemporist


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